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Welcome in my brand new blog Above Horizon. This blog is an evolution of my homepage about atmospheric and astronomical topics which exists since 2001 (and since 2002 under www.above-horizon.de). In the last couple of years, this page was incorporated into my photography website www.Fotowald.de respective www.Photoforest.net, which was mainly done due to the ease of handling. There I displayed all my (astro-)photographic results in one place. But especially in astrophotography, choosing a subject and pressing the release button does not cover the whole story. That aspect was somewhat disregarded. But exactly this is of major interest for many fellow amateur astronomers, and this is what Above Horizon comes into play, while Fotowald.de will be used mainly for showcasing the work.  

My aim with Above Horizon is to present my own results and experiences. The discussion of general astronomic topics and recent astronomical research is already well covered. A number of noteworthy pages are shown on the right hand side.

Another important question was the language of this blog. While this blog will be mainly in German, I will try to provide as much content as possible in German and English, simply to reach a wider public. If, however, individual entries are not translated, and you are interested in the topic, please feel free to contact me and I will try to do my best to provide everything in English as well.




Everything which is shown here is, if not otherwise stated, my own work. However, the contents of the side are of course meant to be shared, but please respect my ownership and use correct citations. Also, I will try that everything I present here is as accurate as possible, but I cannot guarantee so. That is also the case for any external links. The impressum is identical to the Impressum of Fotowald.de

By using a website some data has to be collected. Here are some informations about that:  Datenschutzhinweis.

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