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Total Lunar Eclipse on 21. January 2019

After I managed to miss the Lunar Eclipse in summer 2018 due to bad weather, this time the weather was perfect. Although with -10°C and snow covered ground this was quite challenging for both, observer and equipment. However, the sky was perfectly clear and I was able to watch the first part of the Eclipse from my backyard. For the final I had to move to a small peak nearby to see the moon low over the horizon. This was at my usual observing spot on the Steppenberg in Aachen, overlooking the Dutch village of Vaals.
The close up shots were all shot with a 4″ Maksutow with 1350mm focal length.

More images can be found in my Fotowald.

Total lunar eclipse 28. September 2015

What an eclipse! The total lunar eclipse on the morning of 28. September 2015 was visible from Aachen with perfect weather conditions.

Most images were acquired using my 114mm Newton (f 7.9) or my 70-200mm/2.8 telephoto lens. All images can be seen at: https://www.fotowald.de/thumbnails-130.html. The descriptions are in German, but you don’t need these for admiring the images.