C/2012 K1 PanSTARRS

On the evening of 9.5.2014 I finally caught the new PanSTARRS. After finding it visually with the 8″ 3000mm Refraktor of the Sternwarte Aachen I also caught him on CCD.

Unfortunately. the guiding was not quite right, so I had to stick to exposure times of 15s. The image consists of 50 individual frames à 15s and 6400 Iso fat the refraktor. Stacking was done using Fitswork. I first stacked on the stares and then manually shifted the individual frames to account for the motion of the comet (Details e.g. in Jans Tutorial Part 1 and 2). In addition to the short exposure time, mist and moon did no good as well. But at least I got him!

C/2012 K1 PanSTARRS

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