Noctilucent Clouds over Europe

Last night (03./04. July 2014) there was an impressive display of Noctilucent clouds visible above the northern horizon over many parts of Europe. These clouds with an altitude of approximately 83km were visible over Europe all night.

NLC 03.07.2014 21:05h UT, Aachen

NLC am 03.07.2014 um 21:05h UT in  Aachen

NLCs am 03.07.2014 in Aachen

NLCs am 03.07.2014 in Aachen

My images of last night can be found in my Fotowald / Photoforest. More images can be found e.g. on Spaceweather or on numerous German websites which are linked in the German version of this article.

I also tried to record a timelaps of the NLC movement. 300 images with an exposure time of 5s were taken every 8s between 21:04h UT and 21:45h UT. For this quick and dirty version I used the same settings for all images. In general, there is plenty of room for improvement though.

Time lapse movie of the NLCs of 03.07.2014 – 04.07.2014 between 21h UT – 21:45h UT.



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